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Welcome to our blog!

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We are Felix Schläger, Timo Wagner and Nicolas Böttger and we noticed last year that it is almost impossible to buy or sell real estate in a short time in a reliable and transparent way. Since then we have been working to change this. We are driven by the thought of making the real estate market more transparent for everyone. In our opinion everyone should have the possibility to buy or sell real estate in an uncomplicated way. With the help of well-founded analyses and extensive data sets, we want to enable everyone to do what was previously reserved for large market participants. We want to make the latest technologies available to everyone so that they can make the best possible informed investment decisions. In the long term, we want to make property transactions possible with just one click.

We would be very pleased if you would accompany us on this journey. The aim of our blog is to report regularly on our extensive analyses of the real estate market, to make our data public and to give you some guidance on what you need to know when investing in real estate.

Please let us know if there are any specific data or topics that interest you. We are always open and grateful for suggestions. Automate Estate is for those who want more transparent and simple real estate transactions.

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