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Together we find, analyse and negotiate your next property purchase.

Automate Estate

Germany's first partner for buyers only

Automate Estate is a technology company that is committed to a transparent real estate market. With us you have the entire market in view. We help you to buy property faster and easier. So you can concentrate on the essentials: your time.

About us

Make the best decision with our technology


From 2300 postings daily, we sort out the most suitable offers for you in almost real time.

Be it the condition of the property, location, cash flow scenarios or market developments: We have all the relevant documents and key metrics at our fingertips and analyse them for you in a comprehensible manner.

Offer prices are on average 20 percent higher than the notarised purchase prices. We support you in the purchase negotiations with the right arguments.

Why should you work with us?

Automate Estate

Partner only for buyers

We support you holistically in your real estate purchase. We represent your interests from hour 0 to the entry in the land register.

2% only in case of success

You only pay if you find a property with us.

More knowledge

We scan the entire real estate market in real time. Benefit from our modern analysis tools and sound market data.

Personalized service

You receive competent individual support during the entire purchase process, have insight into all relevant processes and always remain the decision maker.

How does it work?


Via e-mail or telephone call you describe your purchase profile. Your personal contact person will be in contact with you from now on to represent you and your interests in the best possible way.

Let us find your next property together